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The Dust Catcher


The Dust Catcher®

The Dust Catcher® is a dust collection tool designed to eliminate post-project clean up for all DIY and professional construction projects.

All of the dust is stored inside the dust collector, which saves you plenty of time from sweeping and vacuuming all of the dust created when drilling holes, creating a much cleaner working environment. The Dust Catcher® is highly versatile for a variety of jobs, whether you are a contractor in the construction industry or if you are working on a DIY project at home.

Made With Sturdy Plastic

The Dust Catcher® is designed to eliminate post-project clean up by catching and storing dust particles created by power drills.

The Dust Catcher® is constructed with sturdy plastic that will not succumb to wear and tear or the vibrations emitted by power drills.

Reinforced Plastic and Rubber “Lip”

The inner plastic rib used in The Dust Catcher® provides an added layer of strength to handle even the most difficult jobs such as hammer drilling.

The non-marring rubber “lip” creates a seal against all wall surfaces such as drywall, tile, concrete, metal, and wood.

Convenient Tool Belt Clip

The Dust Catcher® flawlessly connects to any pocket or belt for easy access and storage. The Dust Catcher’s design prevents it from protruding or taking up too much space on tool belts as well.

You’ll never have to worry about post-project clean up from drilling holes with The Dust Catcher® always ready and by your side!

Precision Power Drilling

The Dust Catcher® comes equipped with a metal “V-shaped” drill guide set for drill bits. This allows for precision use of power drills by steadying the users’ hands.

The metal drill guide is highly resistant to wear and is designed to be used with major power drill brands.

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If you need a solution for post-project clean-up, The Dust Catcher® is the perfect tool for you.