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The Dust Catcher


The Dust Catcher

The Dust Catcher is a dust collection tool designed to eliminate post-project clean up for all DIY and professional construction projects.

All of the dust is stored inside the dust collector, which saves you plenty of time from sweeping and vacuuming all of the dust created when drilling holes, creating a much cleaner working environment. The Dust Catcher is highly versatile for a variety of jobs, whether you are a contractor in the construction industry or if you are working on a DIY project at home.

The Dust Catcher

For All Homeowners

How can Homeowners use The Dust Catcher?

The Dust Catcher is an excellent accessory for homeowners that will keep your floors, baseboards, furniture, countertops, and more; clean from dust produced when drilling holes to hang your favorite artwork and decor. Regularly vacuuming and sweeping large amounts of dust after a project is always a tedious task. However, the dust collector can be emptied at one time, which is much more convenient and The Dust Catchers drill guide ensures each hole drilled is precise and accurate.

The Dust Catcher

For AllContractors

How can Contractors use The Dust Catcher?

The Dust Catcher is a favorite tool for contractors, maintenance staff, and facility operations. Our commercial dust collector increases productivity on the job, as contractors do not have to worry about continually sweeping or vacuuming large amounts of dust after completing a project. The Dust Catcher saves you a significant amount of time, as it can be emptied at the end of the day at your own convenience. A clean working environment enables employees to work much more efficient and will ultimately save contractors time and money in the long-term.


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If you need a solution for post-project clean-up, The Dust Catcher is the perfect tool for you.

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The Dust Catcher will eliminate post-project clean-up and allow you to save time on all home improvement and professional projects,