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About The Dust Catcher

About DC

We started out as most small businesses do… just the two of us. Our company installs items that hang on the wall in facilities like hospitals, restaurants, hotels and more across the country which means our company can drill thousands of holes every day. These environments demand a high standard of cleanliness and as contractors, this standard must be met at all costs. For years we tried every product on the market from items that didn’t even come close to working to loud and bulky shop vac systems but never found anything that was practical or actually worked. With a growing business and a growing need for a way to keep our employees both efficient and most importantly clean, the need for something that was easy to use, quiet, and lightweight became more important. After many trials and errors, we came up with the perfect solution to our problem, The Dust Catcher. Today every installer in our company carries The Dust Catcher to ensure a clean job every time we’re on-site. This tool has saved us countless hours in cleaning up and in business, time is money, which makes The Dust Catcher the most valued tool on our tool belts. If we drill thousands of holes every day and save both time and money, imagine what the Dust Catcher can do for you at your home or business.


Perfect for Any Project

State of the Art Design

The use of power drills at work or at home creates a lot of dust that takes a great deal of time and effort to clean up. However, you can minimize the amount of dust by choosing to purchase The Dust Catcher. This portable dust collection tool connects onto any tool belt or pocket and specializes in capturing dust, whether you are working on a job site or a home improvement project.

The Dust Catcher is specially designed to eliminate clean-up and enable workers to be more productive without having to use a broom or vacuum cleaner. The Dust Catcher makes it easy to collect dust created by power drills and gives the confidence when drilling precision holes using its metal “V” channel drill guide, its lightweight and is always by your side with its handy belt clip making it a must-have tool for any home and business.