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We started out as most small businesses do… just the two of us. Our company installs items that hang on the wall in facilities like hospitals, restaurants, hotels and more across the country which means our company can drill thousands of holes every day. These environments demand a high standard of cleanliness and as contractors, this standard must be met at all costs. For years we tried every product on the market from items that didn’t even come close to working to loud and bulky shop vac systems but never found anything that was practical or actually worked. With a growing business and a growing need for a way to keep our employees both efficient and most importantly clean, the need for something that was easy to use, quiet, and lightweight became more important. After many trials and errors, we came up with the perfect solution to our problem, The Dust Catcher. Today every installer in our company carries The Dust Catcher to ensure a clean job every time we’re on-site. This tool has saved us countless hours in cleaning up and in business, time is money, which makes The Dust Catcher the most valued tool on our tool belts. If we drill thousands of holes every day and save both time and money, imagine what the Dust Catcher can do for you at your home or business.


Perfect for Any Project

State of the Art Design

Made With Sturdy Plastic

The Dust Catcher is designed to eliminate post-project clean up by catching and storing dust particles created by power drills.

The Dust Catcher is constructed with sturdy plastic that will not succumb to wear and tear or the vibrations emitted by power drills.

Reinforced Plastic and Rubber “Lip”

The inner plastic rib used in The Dust Catcher provides an added layer of strength to handle even the most difficult jobs such as hammer drilling.

The non-marring rubber “lip” creates a seal against all wall surfaces such as drywall, tile, concrete, metal, and wood.

Convenient Tool Belt Clip

The Dust Catcher flawlessly connects to any pocket or belt for easy access and storage. The Dust Catcher’s design prevents it from protruding or taking up too much space on tool belts as well.

You’ll never have to worry about post-project clean up from drilling holes with The Dust Catcher always ready and by your side!

Precision Power Drilling

The Dust Catcher comes equipped with a metal “V-shaped” drill guide set for drill bits. This allows for precision use of power drills by steadying the users’ hands.

The metal drill guide is highly resistant to wear and is designed to be used with major power drill brands.

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The Dust Catcher

Here are the top benefits and the main specs about The Dust Catcher.


The Dust Catcher is specially designed to collect dust while you drill holes in different wall surfaces, whether you are on the job site or working at home. The portable dust collector will also keep your hand steady and ensure that you drill precision holes in wall surfaces each time. Capturing all of the dust from project requiring power drills creates a much cleaner and safer environment, whether you need a home dust collector for DIY projects or a commercial dust collector at work.


Working efficiently and maintaining productivity is always a top priority for anyone learning about The Dust Catcher. The innovative design of The Dust Collector will allow you to save time and energy without having to continually sweep and vacuum at the end of each project. Keeping the work environment clean is just one of the many reasons why The Dust Catcher is highly effective in improving productivity and is the best dust collector available for a wide range of jobs.


Learning more about The Dust Catcher is essential in keeping your work area clean. The Dust Catcher is the perfect choice for any projects that require drilling into different wall surfaces. Once you are finished, you can easily empty The Dust Catcher and dispose of the dust. Ultimately, this innovative tool will save you a great deal of time and is far more convenient than trying to sweep or vacuum the dust on your own.

Why Buy The Dust Catcher?

The Dust Catcher makes it easier to clean up after any project, whether you are at home or working in a particular industry. The state of the art design significantly improves productivity and makes the Dust Catcher the perfect tool to eliminate post-project clean-up.