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Maintenance Staff and Facility Operations

Maintenance Staff and Facility Operations

Maintenance Staff and Facility Operations

Maintenance staff and facility operations are constantly dealing with dust created from power drills. However, you can significantly reduce and possibly eliminate post-project clean-up time by purchasing a dust collector. The Dust Catcher easily connects to tool belts and uses the latest technology to create a much cleaner workspace. Our commercial dust collector is perfect for maintenance staff and facility operations, as it will steady one’s hand to make precision drilling much easier and eliminate the need for clean up.


Here are a few of the benefits The Dust Catcher offers to Maintenance Staff and Facility Operations.

The Dust Catcher Eliminates Post-Project Cleanup

Using power drills throughout the workday creates a large amount of dust that can be difficult to clean at the end of the day. However, The Dust Catcher saves maintenance staff a significant amount of time by eliminating post-project cleanup. All of the dust is contained inside The Dust Catcher and can be disposed of at your convenience. Ultimately, this enables maintenance staff to be far more productive without having to sweep or drag around a bulky and noisy shop vac.

The Dust Catcher Creates A Better Working Environment

One of the many benefits of using The Dust Catcher is that it creates a much better working environment. The Dust Catcher collects the falling dust before it reaches the floor, countertops, railings, equipment and more creating a cleaner working environment that enables maintenance staff to be more productive and work more efficiently.

The Dust Catcher ergonomic design and drill guide also steady’s the hand, allowing maintenance staff to be more accurate and efficient while using power drills.

The Dust Catcher Keeps Workspaces Clean

A portable dust collector eliminates piles of dust, which in turn, reduces clean up time. The Dust Catcher prevents dust from covering the working area and equipment. Maintenance staff and facility operations will be able to focus on the task at hand without worrying about the potential clean up time after the project is complete.

Learn More About The Dust Catcher

Purchasing the best dust collector on the market is an important investment. The Dust Catcher separates itself from the competition by its innovative design features allowing contractors and facilities to save time and money eliminating the need for clean up after using power drills. Our dust collector is also available for homeowners that enjoy working on DIY projects.

Contact The Dust Catcher for more information on the many ways it can benefit maintenance staff and facility operations.